Thursday, October 14, 2010

Research Sources

I decided to focus on the U.S. interventions in Ghana in the 1960s. So far, I've found at least four sources. And I think I had a better understanding of the events that  took place from that time period. I think it's more of an imperial relationship because the U.S.-Ghana relationship started when General Ankrah asked for U.S. support for his anti-communism views. Then, it led to a coup d'etat that overthrown Pres. Kwame Nkruma.

The first one is an article entitled Lessons from "The Mother of all Parliaments" that states that Ghana once had a government that withstands wars, slavery and foreign rule before establishing foreign constitutions. I think this would be useful in determining how foreign countries, particularly the U.S., affected Ghana in political and economical terms.

The second one is the external link that I found from the Wikipedia entry of Ghana, 24th February--A Dark Day In Our National History, explaining the overthrowing of Pres. Nkrumah's government led by General Ankrah and with the help of external forces like the U.S.' CIA. It also leaks the declassified letter of General Ankrah to Pres. Johnson. I think this is a very helpful source that would also increase my understanding of what happened back then. I'm just not sure if the article is too biased. Is it?

"Ghana's Foreign Policy at Independence and Implications for the 1966 Coup D'├ętat" which discusses Pres. Nkrumah's legacy and why he was ousted from the office.

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  1. Hi Andrea -

    Great start - as you add more sources, be sure to also give us the author and a little about where they come from.

    As for 'bias,' I think the source you link to is a good one to use. It does have a strong argument/point of view, but that doesn't mean it's inherently wrong or biased. So you want to think about how the author supports that view, and put it together with your other sources and ultimately you'll decide what interpretation of the events you want to argue for.

    And the leaked document is a great source to use.